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Our Approach - Materials

We are constantly reevaluating all aspects of our company to determine how we can become more ecologically and socially responsible in the most significant ways. 

In our 11th year, we have committed to reassessing the priorities of our company moving towards clean production and practices. In 2020 Acacia will be the most sustainable company we have ever been. 

Recycled swim fabric

We’re excited to introduce recycled swim fabric. This eco-friendly fabric, made from recycled plastic bottles, has been regenerated into the softest nylon. Once products are no longer useful to consumers, they can be recycled back into regenerated nylon fabric and used once again – an exciting new system we look forward to being a part of!

Natural fibers

This year we’re offering a selection of green textiles: TENCEL, made from sustainably harvested trees, organic cotton and linen, grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers which require less water waste.

Recycled packaging

Acacia currently uses recycled paper packaging for all online orders to reduce waste. All packaging used is compostable.

Compostable Poly-bags

Beginning with Resort, all of our products will be packaged in compostable poly-bags that will bio-degrade in your home compost!