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Properly care for your ACACIA garments to extend their lifetime! Let's pledge to conserve our natural resources and keep textile waste out of landfills.

Here's what we can do:

Wash by Hand, Wash Cold.

Hand washing garments in cold water is better for the environment + your garments. This is especially true for swimwear which should be rinsed in cold water after each wear. Washing with cold water will help to reduce color fading while reducing your carbon footprint.

Line Dry

Save electricity and maintain the integrity of your garments, by avoiding the dryer. All swimwear should especially be hung to dry in a shady spot.  




Extend the lifetime of your garments by repairing damages, or recycling garments. Host clothing swaps with friends, resell items or donate selectively. 


Minor flaws and damages can be easily repaired. Mend broken straps or replace buttons with the extra button provided in the inseam of each ready-to-wear piece. 

Swap / Resell

Host a clothing swap with your closest friends or coworkers and extend the life of your favorite garments while giving your wardrobe a little revamp. We encourage you to resell or consign pieces that are still in wearable shape. Give your garments a second life! 

Donate selectively

Due to the influx of donated garments, unfortunately only about 10 - 20% of donated clothing items, make it to a new owner. Donation centers typically pass off 80 - 90% of donated items to textile recyclers who repurpose them into rags or insulation. We encourage you to research donation centers or recycling programs in your area, who recycle textiles to be made into insulation, or donated to local upcycling textile programs. 

HAWAII QUILT GUILD / a Honolulu based nonprofit that recycled materials to teach sewing + donates quilts to those displaced, needy or critically ill. Always accepting textile donations.

FABSCRAP / a New York based nonprofit that works to divert textile waste from landfills.