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Over the last few years, inspiration at ACACIA has taken on many forms. As with all things, the swimwear industry has evolved, transforming rapidly into an entirely new landscape. Nearly two decades in, Naomi Newirth continues to design with instinct that separates the brand from the chaos of evolution— underscoring the reality of what it feels like to truly wear a garment, especially swim. Newirth’s personal style is well-established, a combination of consistent, easy-wearing silhouettes that seamlessly blend femininity with utilitarianism. This season, her designs are a reflection of this, striking a balance between practicality and sophistication.

The novelty of ACACIA’s Resort 2025 Collection comes from Newirth’s intrapersonal selection of color and fabrication, which have only become more interesting as time goes by. Leaning on the ethos of designing for women of all ages, her 2025 introduction welcomes a palette that embraces muted hues of purple and gray, deep greens and oranges, and vibrant pops of neon, achieving a blend of ingenuity and wearability. A favorite among ACACIA’s audience, Newirth’s prints for the season draw inspiration from the unconventional aspects of nature and geometry, adding a unique sense of dimension to the collection.