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Article: RETAILER EXLUSIVES by kinimama


If you haven’t noticed the “Exclusive Explosion” this year, you just aren’t paying attention. Retailers have recognized their customer’s appreciation for a unique, exclusive suit and they have certainly delivered. What is it about an Acacia Swimwear Exclusive that makes everyone swoon? An Exclusive is a style created special for and sold only by a certain retailer. These are styles combinations that have never been before and never will again. 

Exclusives often sell out of popular sizes within hours of their release. I personally enjoy the thrill of this chase, the skill of adding to cart and checking out swiftly, the shared excitement of friends who successfully scored as well. Bikini shopping is fun, but Exclusive shopping is a sport. Aside from the retail pleasure, having a special item in your pile gives a sense of satisfaction that any collector (of anything) can appreciate. Not to mention you might be the only babe on the beach in that Acacia Swimwear Exclusive.

 The hottest trends in colors and prints are often celebrated with Exclusives. This season, we see a lot of the fun and flirty Modern Pacific and the deep, passionate rouge, Merlot offered in various styles. Exclusives often pay homage to retired Acacia Swimwear styles, bringing back favorites from seasons past in new colors and prints.

 Here we break down all of the Acacia Swimwear Exclusives that have been made available this season.

Free People:

 Free People offers a stunning red bikini: Haku top and Waikoloa bottoms in exclusive color Lady Bug.   The Haku top (a favorite this season) is a new style this year, with a cute extra back strap detail.

Free People also brings back a classic, Florence in Storm.


 The Girl & the Water

The Girl & the Water brings back the Florence and Capetown full-pieces, both in Modern Pacific, as well as a Florence is subtle Shibori. Both styles have long straps and short bodices, with casual, flattering elements and the classic Acacia booty cut.



Gypsy Beach:

 Can there ever be enough Kokomo full pieces in the world? Lace detail and a versatile fit that flatters all body types.

Gypsy Beach brings us the Kokomo full piece in all Blackberry. Blackberry is an impressively deep purple that captured in the right light, appears nearly black.

Gypsy Beach also selected a Merlot mesh Napili top with shadow lining, which can be easily paired with other Merlot mesh or solid Shadow bottoms available this season.




Hale Zen:

 Lahaina based retailer, Hale Zen, offers the all Merlot Kokomo full piece. They certainly describe it the best: “best fitting one piece on the planet in our favorite exclusive color.” The flattering cut juxtaposed sultry Merlot, is about as romantic as it gets.


The Lucky Honey:

The Lucky Honey does it again with their matching Mama & Honey Exclusives:

Capetown full piece and Honey Tofino full piece in lusciously red Honi Honi (Kiss in Hawaiian) and an uplifting shade of green, Clover, in a solid Kokomo full piece.

They also offer an arguably essential must have in every Acacia Swimwear Collection: Shadow Capetown full piece. Slimming, sleek, sexy.


San Lorenzo:

This Oahu based retailer threw it way back, bringing to life a very lusted over style that’s been elusive to the bikini scene since it was last available in 2012. Strapless top with lace detail connecting a high waisted bottom, Paris full piece is both classic and elaborate.


Society Bikini:

Color blocking lovers can scoop up Society Bikini’s Shadow and Merlot combination in the original Kokomo full piece color blocked style. For those who don’t know, color blocking is styled to accentuate body shapes and creates a versatile look.

Society Bikini also offers an all over Modern Pacific Kokomo, which has proven to be a customer favorite.


Soleil Blue:

 Soleil Blue brings us another basic bikini collection must have: an all Shadow Kokomo full piece. If you haven’t heard enough about Kokomo full pieces, they are about as comfortable as they come.


Vida Soleil:

Vida Soleil just loves their Yelapa tops and they aren’t the only ones. Yelapa is known as a sporty style with an adjustable knotted back detail. They bring back this style for the second year in a row, this time in both Merlot and Modern Pacific.



 The excitement of this Exclusive season has been defined by the creative initiative of retailers putting a play of colors, prints and styles to work. We love seeing the Exclusives come to life and being put to good use by appreciative customers and collectors alike. You can look forward to more Exclusives coming this Summer from retailers Bikini Bird, Driftwood, The Girl and the Water, Gypsy Beach, I Heart Hanalei, The Lucky Honey and Society Bikini.

X, Kinimama