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Acacia is a collective of Hawai‘i based women. We design swim and ready to wear inspired by the je ne sais quoi of the women who raised us. Out of necessity to bring sophisticated swimwear to the masses, and with a deep admiration for nature, heritage and femininity, ACACIA was born. In 2010, creative director and designer, Naomi Acacia Newirth officially launched her label : A collection of wearable silhouettes designed for real women, at every stage of life.  

Raised near the sea by my beautiful mother, my inspiration has always been steeped in nature, heritage, and the awe of femininity. I traveled the world’s coasts during my 20s to experience new cultures and the details of nature I never realized existed. Sketching and sewing from a young age, I have a deep love for fashion and an infatuation with the designs that make women feel most beautiful. I launched ACACIA out of necessity at the time. I have lived most of my life in a bikini, and until then, hadn’t found a suit that made me feel most feminine and sophisticated. Designing swimwear for women is such an intimate experience. Understanding our customer and celebrating the many female forms is an important part of my process. I wanted to bring sophisticated swimwear to the masses and was able to do so when launching my label in 2010. I was the first to offer a fuse between the low-cut Italian bikini and classic Brazilian fit, which has since become a signature design. Now in our 11th year, we strive to offer swimwear and clothing that make the modern day woman feel effortlessly chic, while being mindful of our impact on the world. We are working and partnering with women to eliminate the gender gap and support women in the workplace, while implementing changes to more sustainable practices. Learn more about our approach, here.