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Maui Wildfire Relief | Updates + Info

Our hearts are heavy as we process the devastation caused by the wildfires on Maui— an overwhelming loss that that is bound to reshape the fabric of our community forever. 

There’s a long road ahead, and our team is actively assessing ways we can provide aid and solace to those who have lost everything. In the month of August, our team donated a total of $9,741.54 to the People's Fund of Maui.

Our team has collaborated with Community Relief Maui + Changing Tides Foundation to coordinate with a number of brands who have sent through a variety of new products that have been donated towards the Raising Lahaina community shopping day.

If you were affected and unable to attend, please contact the Hale Zen Warehouse team at 808.419.6046 to make an appointment to shop remaining product.  


Reputable Donation Links 

Donate Directly to Families in Need 

Maui Food Bank: Collecting and distributing food to help the hungry in Maui County. 

Maui United Way: Providing direct relief to families and nonprofits. 

The Salvation Army: Hawaiian and Pacific Islands Division: Providing food and resources for evacuees. More details.

Public Schools of Hawaii Foundation: Partnering with the state Department of Education to support school communities in West Maui through Oct. 1. 

Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement: Working to match every donation to Maui fire victims as of Friday evening.

Maui Humane Society: Supporting shelters for displaced people and animals, and caring for injured animals.



Housing Opportunities for Displaced Maui Families

Centralized Information on Fires 


What You Can Donate

Community Relief Maui Donation Guide

Maui Mutual Aid Guide